Matt Talks Affordability, Health Care with Sam Laprade

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Affordability, mental health, the healthcare system, and housing: I had the privilege of joining the City News Sam Laprade show on August 26th to discuss these and other issues which are so important to residents of Nepean.

The pandemic has driven up prices, especially on staples like food, fuel, and housing. It has damaged people’s physical and mental health and put serious strain on the health care system. It showed why Canada needs a Conservative government to:

⦁ Build over a million homes in the next three years to ease the supply shortage and make housing more affordable;
⦁ Work with the provinces to take health transfer increases back up to 6% per year to fund our universal system, while increasing the role for private delivery to reduce strain on the public system;
⦁ Bring in a GST holiday, increase competition to lower prices, crackdown on price fixing, and rein in the big tech companies to make life more affordable; and
⦁ Boost funding to the provinces for mental health care, provide incentives to employers to offer mental health coverage to employees, and implement the a national three-digit suicide prevention hotline

I appreciated the opportunity to join Sam Laprade on her show, and I encourage you to give it a listen: August 26th at 1:04 PM:

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